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[GDBH] -Welcome Your Nightmares- (Extended) [GDBH] -Welcome Your Nightmares- (Extended)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I agree with iamwontallo, but I would just like to correct him/her in the statement that your music can't be used in GD. Because you were approved before the change, your songs work perfectly fine in the system, and so should all your previous and future song :)

Something New (Extended) Something New (Extended)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I would recommend some better mastering, maybe different snare :P Sounds a bit more like a layout at this point... (A good layout that is)

NGBaronAwesomeness responds:

Change it how you like, send it to me, ill reupload it, ill give you credit.

Our Fate Our Fate

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really enjoy the song, feels slighlty unclear at times though. Might just be my taste :P
Btw, I noticed in your last song, you didn't know why people couldn't use t in gd, and thats because at Licensing Terms, have have it set on: "You may not use this work without making specific arrangements with the artist." Try putting it in the one where it can freely be used in online games and content (free). Following you hoping for more songs like this XD

KChG responds:

Will do! Thanks!

Breakdown Breakdown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sorry for not writing such a long review as last time, we'll see on your next song :P So yea, I like the song, but i think the problem is like the other people is saying, the bass is overpowering the rest of the song. Maybe a seperate compressor on the bass would let it as powerfull, but still letting the melody through. Also, reconcider some of the samples you have, as the downlifter/impact you have sounds a bit low quality. I like the melody, but the drop could have varied a bit more :P
I think some mastering a tweaking on the instruments and samples is all you really need on this song :) -Nemer

DjBlazeGreen-You're a Pirate DjBlazeGreen-You're a Pirate

Rated 0 / 5 stars

"Cough" "cough"

Glowing Sky Glowing Sky

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the beginning, especially the pauses between some of the chords. At 1:28 ,it sounded a bit gritty introducing the bass, but I enjoyed the few background noises.
The build-up was pretty good. Not completely sure if the bass was sidechained or not, but the drums stood out perfectly.
The drop had a good, relevant melody with a good, jumping instrument. The chords this time could've been a bit deeper, seeing how you got a light melody and sharp drums. I also like the few variations you added, although it wouldn't kill to add some samples. Second part of the drop had a good synth aswell, not as jumpy, but ore dragged out and serious, which fits the tone of the song. Again, in this part I like the little variations.
The slow part could've tried having another melody? Not sure, but it fet a bit repetitive, which i guess it was supposed to be. The drums getting stronger was a good addition. Again not too big of a fan of the bass there.
I appreciate that the second build up was different, but the melody sounded false when te pitch was failing. Maybe if the melody stood out more, it would work, but here it sounded unintenionally.
Second drop was again very fun with the melody and the instrument. maybe concider trying toning down the volume of the drums when introducing new ones. Same as the drums applies with the second melody.
The end could be improved, seeing how fading out a song isn't the best thing to leave the listener with, but again, I'm not sure how you would do it otherwise.

Summary: I like this song, but what i like also has an opposite. I REALLY like the instruments in the drop and beginning, but the bass could be better. Didn't quite enjoy the strings at the end either. It has a good rythm, but the drums sometimes stands out too much. I advice you to mix a bit more, and adding more bachground stuff like samples and a throwaway melody.

DeathbringerMusic responds:

HOLY LONG REVIEW! I read through the whole thing and I am now starting to notice some of the things about the song that you mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to write a review, I really appreciate it because they really do help me improve upon making music. :D -Deathbringer